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Sanctuary Point & Districts Community Bank Scholarship kick starts a university degree for Ebony Booth and Nichole Miles.

Our Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

Ebony, Geoffrey Ellison and Nichole

The Sanctuary Point & Districts Community Bank Scholarship is being granted for the second time. It is awarded to first year tertiary students whose circumstances might otherwise mean that a university degree is out of their reach, or difficult to pursue.

Ms. Ebony Booth and Ms. Nicole Miles said the scholarship would make a huge difference to them in following their chosen fields of studies. Ebony is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and International Studies at Wollongong University, while Nicole is studying for a Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology at the same University .

Both girls thanked the Bendigo Bank for their generous contribution, to help support them with the huge costs involved with living away from home, to attend University.

Geoffrey Ellison, Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors said “We want to make a difference to outstanding local students like Ebony and Nicole, who may not be able to start higher education, because accommodation and study costs put considerable financial pressures on a family”,

“Young people in a number of communities across Australia, including ours, will now have the chance to fulfil their dreams of tertiary education thanks to the scholarships offered by their local branch of their Community Bank”.

“This is another way that our Community Bank commits to building stronger communities”.

“Ebony and Nicole are very deserving of a scholarship and I wish them both the best of luck as they begin an exciting journey towards their career goals”, Mr. Ellison said.

The Sanctuary Point & Districts Community Bank Scholarship is part of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Scholarship program, with several other Community Bank branches, as well as other partners, taking part right across Australia.

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