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Marulan Defensive Driving Course - Another Community project by your bank.

Nervous passengers .... I don't think so!
Skid Pan
An exciting time on the skid pan

Once again your local Bendigo Bank recently took a group of young P-platers to the Marulan Driver Training Centre for some defensive driving tuition.

This was our third excursion and as before, the participants enjoyed themselves immensely, learned a lot about what effect drugs, alcohol, fatigue, peer pressure and distractions has on a person driving a vehicle on the roads.

The first part of the day was spent in a classroom type environment, with an excellent instructor, who spoke to the young people on their level in easy to understand language using well founded information and logic.

The second part of the day was ‘hands on’ with an instructor in the vehicle with each participant, teaching them about how easy it is to get into a dangerous situation on the roads, with skids, over correcting, excessive speed and braking and the vast difference between ABS and non ABS vehicles.

This Director of the Bank learned something as well. I sat in on the theory session as I wanted to hear what was being taught and the manner in which it was done and how the young drivers responded. Their response and attention was excellent, they asked questions and answered them frankly.

The day was jointly sponsored by the Shoalhaven Rural Fire Service with the newly formed CrossRoads Rural Brigade providing a bus, as well as two excellent drivers who also participated in the ‘hands on’ session with the young drivers. It was interesting to watch how each driver responded and reacted to the instructions given by their passenger and instructor. They really handled themselves well and entered into the spirit of the day.

Each of the young people thanked the Bank and the RFS drivers for their assistance in organising the day. One of the girls in the group commented that everyone should have the benefit of such an experience.

Veronica Husted
Chair, Community Affairs Committee

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